Oil & War

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  1. J-S


    Can anyone tell me what the norm is with the price of oil & war? I've heard that the price rallies up to the event, and then sells of when war actually takes place?

    Can anyone confirm?


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    Here's a 30-year nearby CL chart. It's a freebie from Moore Research but it's high quality - you can zoom it quite a bit on your screen and it doesn't lose resolution.

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    Come on man, if it were that easy none of us would be here. It's a
    "little" more complicated then that.
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    I remember oil spiking ahead of the first gulf war, with a blow off top when the bombing started.
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    Thanks Brighton for the chart and the link.

    From that alone I can say Oil is going up and way up atleast to another $150 although near $200 is also possible. What does it point to War or Economic Growth.
  8. joederp


    "Growth" via War, basically.

    Phase 1. Blow up "pro-Russian" infrastructure -> keep some US creditors and their respective citizens happy, while pissing off other ones. Write off the losses and pin the financing of future recovery on the backs of citizens.

    Phase 2. ?

    Phase 3. Rebuild all the domestic infrastructure using contractors from various foreign countries, count it all toward GDP. Profit (on paper, anyway). Genius.
  9. 1) The Broken Window Fallacy. :eek: :(
    2) If you're the one supplying the "windows", it can be really good. :cool: :D
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    I was going for a new spin on the Underpants Gnome Theorem, but BWF seems to be more apt. :)
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