Oil = War....??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by toby400, Mar 31, 2003.

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  2. Toby,

    That link requires joining the group. Couldn't you just cut and paste the article here?
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    I've copied the URL's for you. Hope this helps.

    These are not my views but those I've come across on other boards.

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    Gulf War Veterans.........


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    Self interest may be a fact, but morals, it seems, are articles to be used according to need in the pursuit of self interest.
  4. Anyone who thinks this war is for oil should educate themselves on the oil industry a little first. The only benefit the US could possibly get out of this, related to oil, is that if a future, free Iraq were to pull out of OPEC. Not likely. Assuming the US wins the war, and upgrades the oil fields, this will definitely enrich Iraq, which is a good thing IMHO. This will not significantly bring down the price of oil. OPEC will still try to match demand to keep crude in the mid $20's. OPEC has always been able to overproduce.

    Assuming Iraq leaves OPEC, then oil would of course become cheaper. However, it would be many years before this difference in price would begin to pay for this war and the numerous detrimental economic effects it has had, and will have in the future.

    So we are going to war on the offhand chance that Iraq will leave OPEC when "free"? No Way. There is a whole list of reasons for this war which are far more plausible.

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    Is this propoganda or reasoned comment regarding the above posted articles.

    Or would people rather bury their heads in the sand rather like the osterich?

  6. Just basic analysis of the mechanics of the oil market and how much the US is spending directly and indirectly (negative econ effects) on this war. The blood for oil argument makes no sense.

    There are many other arguments, both positive and negative as to how they reflect on the US, that make much more sense, but these would belong in another forum topic.

    Toby, from your spelling, I assume you are probably not American. I personally respect all opinions, both pro and anti Yank; however, if you are making a broad statement such as burying heads in the sand, you should probably back that up with something specific so people know what you are referring to.

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    You are correct that I sit on the fence and watch all around me.

    There is much sabre rattling from some quarters, or anti war diatribes from other quarters but little in depth reasoning from anyone.

    Certainly no reasoned response to the articles apart from "Oil is not the main consideration here."

    Perhaps another thread is needed to discuss oil, its shrinkage as a resource, and imperialism, reasons for anti western rerrorism, lust for power, economics of struggle, asset grabbing, and so on.

    Enough writing to stop one trading for a couple of weeks?

    And while you're furiously attacking the keyboard, make a silent wish that the men and women of the coalition forces are kept from harm.

  8. That's all you're likely to get here Toby. Unless Fox tells them, they simply block their ears and close their eyes.

    For some inexplicable reason, the idea that their government may be acting out of pure self-interest (self meaning the cats running the show and their pals) and just lying to them is unfathomable; no matter that it's happened on many (documented) occasions in the past.
  9. I'll certainly agree to that.