Oil War In South Americ

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  1. Columbia is confronted by Chavez.

    Oil to explode above 140 if war breaks out in the South Ameican Region, which will disrupt serious supplies from US oil companies.

    Oil Futures stable.

    Lets see if Chavez has the balls to Attack Columbia and cut off US oil supply 100%.
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    I can't imagine Chavez would want to give the US a good reason to squash him like a bug.
  3. I think it took our special forces about 2 weeks to shoot enough Panamanian Troops to make the rest quit, and to arrest Noriega, or Pineapple Face as his own troops lovingly called him.:D

    Shouldn't take much more than 3 to 4 weeks to arrest Chavez and put him in a Federal Prison.
    His troops? Like Panama, those that are hopped up on dope will die, the rest will learn from the dead and give up.
  4. What crime has Chavez committed?

    p.s. related: don't forget the new precident the USA has established,, namely that the Geneva Convention is null and void now.
    The precident of pre-emptive stike has also been set by USA and Israel.

    No double standards allowed, got it?
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    C'mon dude...don't be so fucking arrogant. Is that what you said when the US attacked Iraq? lol...

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    You went way overboard on this one....Is that what you said about Fidel Castro? lol...
  7. I think that this is a test for the powers that be in South America,
    namely, Brazil and Peru. I do not believe that they will tolerate a mad-man form Venezuela creating war and havoc in the continent
  8. I was just a toddler in 1960, apparently nowhere near as old as you since by your post you were commenting on Castro when he took power.
  9. gee, Vene-zoo-ela kicks Columbia's ass

    2 shit countries headed for the gallows anyway...

    2 x 0 = 0
  10. 1st ) spelled C O L O M B I A
    2nd) gas/fuel/petro prices in COLOMBIA are at $7,150 pesos per gallon (peso is trading at $1,840 per dollar) - same prices as in the U.S.A
    3rd) COLOMBIA is a heavy producer of OIL, but guess who are the producing companies? American OIL companies

    Chaves has no reason to attack COLOMBIA
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