Oil up 2.20 and Gold up 11.50-

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Warrior4g, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. and the dollar is falling. also the semi's were downgraded at bank america. this could be a bad day. lets see.
  2. gold is up substantially today as is oil. the upward momo in gold is telling the markets how concerned it is with a weak dollar and price inflation. lets see how this plays out throughout the day.
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    starting the new year on a down note. Monday down 100+ today could be even worse, we will see what happens over the next few hours. 2pm brings the minutes. Going to get volatile.
  4. Gold is not the only precious metal up. Silver is up even more. And platinum and palladium are also up a lot.

    Have a look of PAL and SWC, they are the ONLY platinum group metals producers outside Russia and South Africa. They are at decent entry prices.

  5. Every one of your posts are about PAL and SWC.

    Enough already.
  6. Because I am a big fan of the palladium and platinum metal! They are HALF of the precious metal spectrum!

    And when you play palladium, there really are only PAL and SWC and nothing else, outside Russia and South Africa. That is a FACT. So even though I meantion only PAL and SWC, I have meantioned EVERY ONE in the WHOLE SECTOR.

    I wish I can cite 10 or 100 names in palladium. But there are only TWO!
  7. Those two companies have been getting slaughtered while palladium is going up.