oil up 1.44

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    guess the markets dont notice oil slowly crawling back up to 68-70. I think your going to see money flow right back into oil and energy stocks. OIL to 68-70 by Jan 2007.

    WTI CRUDE FUTURE ($/barrel) 62.430 1.440 02.36 15:10
  2. i'd say with the oih back to 146 it discounts $70 oil .xom has run 20% the last 6 weeks as oil is just back to 2 month highs
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    I think we get 70 oil and OIH could easily trade at 155-160+.

    Money is flowing back into these stocks
  4. Can anyone say, RATE HIKE!
  5. TIME TO PACK INTO THE USO WHILE ITS STILL CHEAP!!! Guaranteed to go to 70 in 2 months.

    Its time to bet the farm on oil now like you did with tech in august. 3 months from now, oil will be at 70. Opec turning off the tap not allowing it to drop any further. Blistering snow storms. More terror attacks on pipelines.

    King oil is back gentlemen! Like 12 months ago, its now going much much higher. Tech is dead, sell it. Time to get back into black gold.
  6. I hope oil goes to $100.00, maybe america will wake up and start getting serious about renewable energy.

    Mark my words, renewable energy stocks will be the tech stocks of the 90s. Biodiesel is a great product I use it in my Duramax Diesel, the problem is its hard to find. I am lucky I have a Knox Fuel Stop about 5 miles from my house, they sell the BioWillie Brand Biodiesel.