oil trading resources

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  1. Looking for some additional resources for trading the energy markets. I focus on crude but wonder what success people have had looking at other market correlations and various spreads. Specifically these:

    Crack Spread
    Crude-Brent Spread
    Relationship with nat gas

    Also wondering if anybody could recommend some good research resources for a deep dive into energy trading (books, papers, etc).

    Much thanks
  2. Books:

    Daniel Yergin's The Prize for a sweeping history of the oil industry

    Simmons' Twilight in the Desert to peek behind the curtain and grasp the current state of oil reserves.

    Tertzakian's A Thousand Barrels a Second to grasp how policy and lifestyles will adjust to life with chronically more expensive oil.

    Moore, Toepke, and Colley's The Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Spreads for illustration and brief discussion of all spreads in the oil complex.
  3. Great thanks for the recco's I'm definitely going to check them out.