Oil Traders and airline hedges

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  1. Any Oil Traders here follow the airlines and their oil price hedging.

    I am wondering if there is a good site that puts this together easily.

  2. ericf


    What you have in mind?

    Jet is not priced same way ECUS, WCUS or Europe.
  3. Morton's


    I would doubt it.

    The info is generaly released quarterly - so I don't see how there would be enough traffic on this issue to support a website.

    I think if you go to the annual reports of the airlines you can find it pretty quickly.

    The only other suggestion is to google "jet fuel" "hedges" or "hedging" and the name of the airline and see what comes. Maybe a rep for the airline was asked about it by the media in between the quarterly earnings release and the answer is somewhere on the web.

    Try both the Google web and the google "news" function. Google also has a "blog" search. The info could be buried on someone's blog. If it is mentioned in a blog - make sure the blogger references his source.

    Good luck.
  4. ericf


    Airlines tend to have purchase contract with physical trading companies and oil companies.

    If you have to import/buy into West US Coast your price would be realted LA Jet = HO Nymex plus a premium. If you have a look swaps ... you would see if paid like HO plus 12-15cpg

    Same for USGC and NY area, however premia tend to be lower
  5. Morton's



    Like eric asked earlier - what exactly are you trying to figure out?

    Is it is how much of the cost is hedged? Or is it the formula for the price they pay?