Oil topping $94

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gobar, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. gobar


    Oil @ 94

    Bad for ben.. but ben will cut and oil will hit $96 today...
  2. It's a good thing you posted this informative thread, with all of it's new and breaking information.

    Well done.
  3. Yes, he came from the future to tell us what its going to happen.
  4. gobar


    behold market is about to fall 300 pts...:D
  5. S2007S


    .25 cut this afternoon could send oil to 95....

    .50 cut and forget it......

    this market will go crazy on a .50 BP cut.

  6. no one is cutting 50.

    if he holds, watch out below though. yesterday's price action was a confirmation that the price is at least $4.00 inflated from speculation.

    (hahah. sarcasm).

  7. Yesterday high on ES (at 1551) was exactly the 61.8% of the entire prior move down, that may be a huge signal (or not).

    But at least we have some level to take as key for now on. I guess that if we end selling off hard this may mean something.
  8. OIl could go to 200 and it would be no problem

    rising oil isnt inflationary

    The price is rising simply due to funds bidding it up, and increased demand from India, South America, and China
  9. IluvVol


    ...."(or not)" is the keyword here. You know how much the markets care about your retracements/fibbonacci or whatever its called in your TA lingo? They dont!!! So, take it for what it is ART, nothing more nothing less, but its not a "huge signal".

    I love comments based on technical analysis, its so fun and entertaining.
  10. 95% of TA is garbage and doesn't work

    tradder tim from slopeofhope.com is an example of why most people who use TA fail. He is the biggest putz ever. With all his charts he cant predict anything.
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