OIL to $80

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  1. There was a significant breakout today in oil-it clearly broke the downtrend channel to the upside. The previous 2 days it tested the highs, but couldnt quite bust thru. This thing feels strong as hell and i wouldnt be surprised to see it at 80 in 2-3 weeks. Everytime it went down to 68 there was a strong bid. Speculators are coming back into the market bidding strong.
  2. Oil will be up for the next week everyday
  3. Crude was a beast today. It absolutely refused to give up ground near the 73.65 level. that is support for now. Anybody catch that move during products expiry today??
  4. ok ... thin holiday conditions in Asia but Crude just

    dumped big time ... any news ?

  5. silk


    From home I only have bloomberg 30 minute delayed quotes.

    guess i will know in about 10 minutes.
  6. hi silk ... quotes do not mean anything ... I have live globex futures but wanted to know if it was just FAT finger ?

    or some news ?

    the other markets are not really reacting so much or quickly to

    the crude oil futures movements so this is why I am confused
  7. silk


    I don't even see that oil is trading tonight?

    What exchange do you see it trading on and at what is the current quote? Thanks.

    Will Nymex be open on monday? i remember it being closed friday after thanksgiving i think. So may not be open tomorrow.
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    Nymex closed tomorrow and Tuesday
  9. I show TOCOM July crude up 170 to 49190...don't ask what 170 is....yen I suppose
  10. now I am confused ... but I do show a range of

    almost $2.00 for august crude oil futures tonight

    if indeed it is trading electronically

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