Oil this week

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  1. With the fed and the Iran nut is coming to address the U.N. I am thinking light sweet is going up.. At least for the first part of the week. The fed is prob. going to pause but may not ruling out a rate hike sometime in the near future. Anyone agree/disagree?
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    I don't think oil will rebound so fast

    it will take few weeks not one.

    my opinion is just based on the way I feel charts that's all

    not really on any news probability assessment
  3. With the Alaska pipe line down for a delayed period, oil stocks rebounded a little bit. It should be intersting to see what will happen at the UN today and tomorrow.
  4. Any news making this push? Or just liquidation?
  5. oil is mmmmmmmm-elting

    i just got a bit spanked...

    i hate qm. takes my money
  6. Yea... Looking for an exit on HOC.
  7. I love QM. I find it one of the best day trading markets around. It helps if you have no opinion as to direction each morning.
  8. Seems you were right, but how did you manage to feel charts ? As understand you used t/analize to predict not fundamental/rumors and etc..how? give some hints. rgds