Oil takes down this market starting today...

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by chewbacca, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. thats my call
  2. How do you propose to profit from that?

  3. nassau


    agree it will be soon, not sure if it will happen before options expiry
  4. nassau


    I personally look to short the stock(s) using a fibo 20percent target and it seems to work.

    ie - worked on both nvda and mrvl today and am looking to have delivered ati at 30.00 short ...
    palm is also just about ready to harvest as it has run over 4dollars in a very short time.

  5. Short the S&Ps. That's what I am doing.
  6. Reason: you can't ignore fundementals forever. Walmart is like 3% of the American economy. If they say oil is hurting, and they have the worst quarter in years...then that is a huge warning sign.
  7. I was bullish until today.
  8. Im still waiting for you to get your a-b-c Elliott wave count correct first imo
  9. syrre


    You americans will forget very shortly, and when you stop driving your insane large cars in september, oil will have a correction, so I put on big long positions today in ES.
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    That's when we'll sell our Hummers to the Chinese :D
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