Oil Spill Cleanup Stocks

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  1. What publicaly traded companies might be involved in the BP oil spill cleanup business?

    I found NLC Nalco.
  2. NLC stock chart.

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  3. Clean Harbors, Inc. CLH

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  4. U.S. Ecology, Inc., stock symbol ECOL provides industrial waste management and recycling services.

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  5. PESI Perma-Fix Environmental Inc., industrial waste management services, including treatment, storage, processing, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste; water sampling; compliance reporting, emission reduction strategies, compliance auditing, and various compliance and training activities.

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  6. Waste Management, Inc. stock symbol WM

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  7. Enviro Voraxial Technology Inc. EVTN.OB sells equipment for oil-water separation, oil exploration and production, and marine/oil-spill clean up. But stock trading is thin.

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  8. Newpark Resources Inc. (NR) processes and disposes of waste generated by oil and gas customers. The company provides its products and services primarily in the United States Gulf Coast.

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  9. There is an environmental ETF: Market Vectors Environmental Svcs ETF (EVX)

    Component stocks and percent representation in fund:

    Stericycle, Inc. SRCL 10.28
    Republic Services, Inc. Common RSG 10.19
    Waste Management, Inc. Common S WM 9.58
    Veolia Environn American Deposi VE 8.64
    Newpark Resources, Inc. Common NR 5.39
    Calgon Carbon Corporation Commo CCC 4.64
    Clean Harbors, Inc. Common Stoc CLH 4.49
    Waste Services, Inc. WSII 4.38
    Nalco Holding Company Common St NLC 4.29
    Shaw Group Inc. (The) Common St SHAW 4.29

    Thinly traded.

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  10. subban


    Check out ATPG. It has gone from $22 to now around high 8's and 9's since the spill. It has some deep water drilling postponed because of Obama's new regulations but their main project Telemark I think is still a go.
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