Oil spike ?

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    please comment
  2. Well I don't know, what are you basing this on? Fibonacci, candle-stick patterns, or tea-leaves & palm reading? All of these give same insight.

    Maybe we should throw in constellation readings too, just to be sure. :p
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  3. zghorner


    I am long CL in a sim account based on some moving average combos I am working on...it should go higher according to this system...but how far or if at all no one can tell.
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    I always consult my Magic 8 ball. It never fails.
  5. I think the shade of blue you chose for the arrow line is lovely.
  7. Just because it's news doesen't mean it will happen. They are politicians after all.
  8. SunTrader


    I don't see any big move on the near term horizon.
  9. maxinger


    NO SPIKE !

    it has been moving with ~5% day range for the past few days.
    it will continue to do so for the next x days.
    also day chart shows converging triangle formation.
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  10. day chart shows converging triangle formation
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