Oil slick just a few miles from Louisiana coast

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  1. (CNN) -- A 120-mile oil slick advanced to within a few miles of the mouth of the Mississippi River on Thursday as authorities scrambled to keep the spill from damaging wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico.

    As of late Thursday morning, southeasterly winds had driven the slick to about three miles off the Louisiana coast, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration spokesman Charlie Henry told reporters.

    Oil company BP, whose ruptured well is at the heart of the spill, and state and federal agencies have strung floating booms around the leading edge of the shoreline in an effort to contain the spill, but authorities said it could begin affecting some areas of the coast by Thursday evening.

    Efforts to shut down the well have failed so far, and more complicated plans may take weeks. [full story]
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    The more I read, the more massive this sounds.
  3. Undersea vents put oil in the ocean every day.
    I never hear newscasts mention this.
  4. media is not free

    they can not show everything they want in TV or news
  5. For all you fisheaters out there. I heard on the radio today that 60% of all the fish consumed in the US comes from that area, so you all might want to lay off the fish for a while and if you are a smoker, definately dont light up after that salmon dinner. :)