Oil Shortage and Bullet Trains

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    Recently heard that Japanese bullet trains easily do 200 miles per hour and record has been 300 miles/hour. These trains run on electricity supplied to magnets and similar conductors. Since 1964, there has not been a single fatality in bullet train accident and in Japan last year total average late arrival was 12 seconds for all the trains.

    While initial investment into bullet trains network might be big but payoff will come steadily down the road in the form of investment savings to the economic engine and resulting multiplier effect. Since 2000, airlines in US have lost more than $25Billion!
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    ...Japan with the so called "bullet trains",France with TGV,Germany has ICE which manages up to km/h 330,the germans(ICE,Siemens) are also building high speed trains in China(Shanghai&east coast big cities)
    ...the USA doesnt have any kind of "bullet train" for a reason(s)...as you mentioned those type of transport are not new and has been around since the 60s...
  3. The airline industry as a whole has failed to make a cumulative profit over its entire history.

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    The owner of Virgin Atlantic said on one ocassion “ It is easy to become a milioner – all you need is to start as a bilionere and start an airline company
  5. The high speed trains won't be built because congressman will attempt to have too many station stops along the right-of-way in their own districts which will slow the trains down too much, similar to what Amtrak is already. You can't have a stop every 20 miles between Chicago & St Louis and expect people to ride the thing.
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    What ever happened to Amtrak stopping its passenger train service? Was that just a lie they told us all about a year ago, or are they actually going to stop?
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    That's a Warren Buffett quote, actually.