Oil Services Stocks Roar Higher

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  1. All of the oil services stocks are surging higher today. All a trader has to do today is simply take a look at the Oil Services Holders Trust(NYSE:OIH). The OIH is trading higher today by $6.84 cents making a new 52 week high for the EFT.

    Some of the major components in the Oil Services Holders Trust are Baker Hughes Inc.(NYSE:BHI), Halliburton Co.(NYSE:HAL), and Schlumberger Ltd.(NYSE:SLB). All of these stocks are trading sharply higher today. While the group looks strong today it is important to note that Baker Hughes stock is starting to get extended on the daily chart and should face some near term daily resistance around the $67.50 level.

    Nicholas Santiago
  2. Shouldn't you have posted this back in Oct, 2010 when the breakout started, instead of this extended rally which could be the top?
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    dont know what your seeing but the oils have alot of upside, look at a five year weekly of the OSX just for starters
  4. with crude down, why are the oil stocks going up?
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    Use the USO if your looking for something with a better correlation