Oil Service and Drillers . . .

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Landis82, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Goldman upgraded the group last Thursday based on several factors.

    And with Hurricane Dean making its way towards the Gulf this could be a HUGE play.

    Best of breed:

    DO, NOV, and BHI
  2. Nice post. Thanks. Thinking same.
  3. Good strength off the backs of Nat-Gas early in the session then gave way wheny when NG reversed and collapsed. . . then the broader market collapsed with it.

    Talk about VOLATILITY.

    Solid EPS upside revisions are in the offing, so says Goldman.
    Hurricane Dean is still too early to tell.

    DO and PTEN getting cheap.
  4. Over the last 2 weeks since this post, stocks like BHI, NOV, and DO have surged!

    BHI +9 points

    NOV +13 points

    DO + 10 points

    Have a great LONG weekend everyone!

  5. Look at ESV. Amazing financials.

  6. If you want to play Oil drillers play OIH, it consists of all these companies. One volatile son of a gun. Now its on the up move, you can bet it will go up to 190 where it was and much more. I am juicing it everytime it moves 5 points, I move up in my spreads. Its ladder making a Ka-ching sound.