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  1. SOIGF----Just take a look.....Got in at 3 and sold close to 7 last week.....I bought it back yesterday and it's really moving today.....

    They have a large piece of land with oil sands.....A nice volatile way to play the oil sands.....

    Mods please don't take this off....it really has potential and is a 5 dollar stock....
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    How did you find it at 3?
  3. I actually got a news letter last holiday weekend and picked it up on Tuesday around 3.35.....The guy has had some really good picks in the past and got me into CWPC around 1.25 but I was already in at .27c
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    What is the newsletter? I think you should write a newsletter as well!
  5. Let me find it....I'll post the stats...
  6. I looked all over the place for my newsletter and it probably went to the trash....Sorry

    This is a speculative play in the Alberta oil sands, but it's got the momentum and is up another 6% today...

  7. Looks strong still....anybody jump into this speculative oil sands play.....SOIGF (Strata Oil and Gas Inc.).....

    Nice way to play oil sands and the moves are pretty volatile.....Long term Hold or Buy ....Short term sell the peaks and buy the dips (Average in the position)

  8. Started Jumping back into this Oil sands play yesterday.....CWPC

    Same scenario as above....Sell the peaks and average in the dips

  9. Any thoughts on this sector.....I just don't like the capital appreciation with the large caps in this sector...
  10. Another 5% on SOIGF

    anyone else on this smooth ride?

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