oil prices out of control

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  2. I don't think the oil price is out of control, it's just the dollar is worthless.
  3. Exactly. My feeling is oil-traders around the world are already constantly recalculating their trades in EUR's now. If denominated in EUR the prices are still rising, because of panic and of genuine shortages becoming visible, but it is a lot less than it seems seen from the US.
    Rest of the world doesn't want to get involved in the unpayed bills of the US. The rest of the world has become big and strong in the last 6 years, thanks to your prez.

  4. I'm not so sure about that. This indicates the backwardation of the market is coming out - a trend returning to contango is a good thing (for the bears).

    Remember the front month exceeding the rear that has been normal the last 2-3 months hasn't occurred in the past few years.
  5. Yes. Thank YOUR republicans for running up a deficit, spending big on needless, stupid wars etc. It is indeed strange that the American public voted him in TWICE! Once was a retarded occurance, but TWICE????


    ....so goes your dollar!!!

    Why don't you americans stop voting for the republicans.

    You don't have to vote republican do you?

    (or do you?):confused:
  6. Its all about dollars.

    China and India have an endless supply of them to buy oil with, but the middle easterners already have more than they'd like to.

    Its Americans that don't have any dollars these days...
  7. You don't have to tell me, Alex. I'm a U.S. Democrat and it's sad to see how the Republicans have driven our nation into the ground.

    Bush is our Napoleon. The Iraq War is an extension of Bush's ego to please his father "to finish the job" and get Saddam. Or maybe Freud would say the war is Bush's extended penis? Whatever. Either way, Iraq ain't got nothin to do with terrorism and I am furious at the price we're paying in terms of human lives and taxpayer funds.

    All I know is that when Bill Clinton was in office we had allies all over the world, the stock market soared, jobs and prosperity rang through the land. In 1998, you folks in Oz probably envied us. Today you laugh.

    Come on over, Alex, we need your vote to throw out the bums and fix this country!
  8. Don't you just love how the right wing goes on and on about their "tax cuts" and when an opponent suggests fiscal responsibility they accuse them of trying to raise taxes?

    Bush ran a deficit every year and increased spending while reducing income... that's not cutting taxes it's just defering.

    It's so stupid and deceptive it's almost criminal but Americans fall for it time and time again!!

    If president Bush cut taxes then I have a wonderful proposal for America to cut it's living expenses dramatically. All you have to do is charge your mortgage and utility bill on a credit card. Boom, your living expenses are dramatically cut.
  9. bush needs better interns imo