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    Anyone know of a stock or ETF which tracks the price of oil and not oil stocks?

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    any ?
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    Believe it or not responding to your post @ 4:15 is not everyone's priority.

    A pure OIL ETF is being developed, according to various news sources. The problem is storage and delivery of a commodity.

    Right now the closest you are going to get is IGE which is 75% OIL/OIL Services.

    XLE is also an oil play, however mostly OIL companies.
  4. try the OIH

    that is pretty close too.

    good luck
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    I did see from morningstars site an Oil ETF is in the works to track the price of Brent crude.

    Light crude oil e-mini was @ HOD @ 16:00 the others XLE and IGE were not.

    Thanks for the response guess I'm just impatient today.
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  7. CADJPY is a good proxy to the price of oil.

    I currently have a CADUSD and CADJPY play. The correlation to oil is pretty much bang on IMHO.
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