Oil price action based on major news/events

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  1. I see lots of threads on Oil under 'energy futures' but most of them have less than one post/day.

    I am starting this thread hoping we can post discuss major oil news and upcoming events ( every Wednesday US govt. stock piles report) and how they are effecting Crude oil contracts in short term 1-2 weeks time frame.

    To begin with Here is my take on Friday 12/26 sudden spike of more than $2 to 37.70

    1) Saudis sent notices to tankers on cut
    2) Dollar week on that day
    3) geo tensions Hamas/Israel strikes stared
    4) thin volume on post-Christmas day , thin volume makes it easy to move market up/down

    Appreciate input, I am open to another thread , Let us have a thread where we all contribute one place so that everybody benefits
  2. Here are links for above claims ..........................

    “There are signs that the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia are abiding by their OPEC targets,” said Tom Bentz, senior energy analyst at BNP Paribas in New York.

    “The dollar is weaker, which is probably also giving the market some support.”

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