Oil over $93 and gold right at $800

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  1. One word describes these numbers, "wow"
  2. f/8ck america and its currency :)
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    are fucked up gov't has sold out every american's hard earned savings to save greedy wall street. they've fuckin despreciated all our savings and it will be confetti soon. instead of letting the system go threw a washing out process to let the strong survive and weak die they've made our future even bleaker
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    it sound really funny but I don't know if I should laugh at that or get mad because my money is loosing value
  5. it looks like they've also sold out grammar and spelling lessons too.
  6. Does anyone think it's a coincidence that two oil men run the regime, and have invaded oil-rich countries? Are you happy paying for, and dying for, this cause?

    An inconvenient truth. [​IMG]
  7. You know who is making money?


    As a European I am concerned that US may start blaming other nations for its personal misfortunes. Hitler did it with Jews, what's stopping US putting on a spin on it & pinning it on another race/s and leading you into yet another war on much larger scale? That practice has existed and kept repeating itself throughout the history of mankind, human nature. US has its military bases in so many countries now that it makes me wonder what the actual purpose of it all is.
  9. Excuse me for being an ignorant European, but didn't the US - at some point - under Clinton have a balanced budget and a rock solid US Dollar?

    Not sure what Bush and his minions did here exactly but to me it looks like they pumped a solid $1.5 trillion into the search for "weapons of mass destruction" and the "war against terror" and other nonsense so Americans can sleep better at night and now they wake up broke and claim they have no idea how it got so far. Somebody voted these clowns into office so voters better be ready to pay the bill.
  10. US people don't know and won't know the cause. In my humble European opinion, the media has intoxicated them so much that they will wake up veeery very late.
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