Oil or Gas for daytrading? Which?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by high99, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. high99


    Tired of the index trading. Well, just that it has been so boring. So....

    Seems oil and gas do not follow each other like a school of fish. They do go their separate ways during the day. Oil? Gas? Opinions?
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    u have been an elitetrader member since 2002. is your question a joke or are u bored
  3. high99


    Why would this question be a joke. I am asking for opinions. Never fails that you get some smart ass comment on this board. Take it someplace else.
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    u have been an elitetrader member since 2002. Think small trader think on why your question is a joke

    Think real hard


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    More than 90% of small trader lose. They just lose!
  5. subscribed

    this is going to be fun
  6. Maverick74


    WTH? You use to say 95% of traders lose. You lowered your number to 90%? Kind of odd with the VIX sub 15 that you actually doubled the number of traders who don't lose. Any reason for that? You must be really bullish on speculators now. :D
  7. high99


    And you have been registered since Feb 2010 with over 4,000 posts. Would seem that you have nothing better to do than reply with bullshit. And who's bored?
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  9. its called having nothing to do bcuz they live with mommy and daddy.

    with all that time on your hands no wonder he posts so much
  10. I've been trading crude lately because it's the only thing that seems to have much action. It moves much more quickly than some of the indexes, IMO.
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