Oil now over $90.00 and the fed is going to cut rates

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  1. This is insane, it's pandering to wall street, and saying screw everyone else.
  2. Another rate cuts seems like a guarantee

    just keep in mind though that the rising oil isn't inflationary
  3. bluud


    this time %1.00 ... just cause no one is expecting it ... except Ben and friends ...

    oh and plus Barney
  4. You keep saying that, at some point it will break this economies back, bet on it.
  5. Some time before the close tomorrow, I am going to take a bullish position on the SPY.
    Two reasons for it:
    1: Fed cute will pop market next week.
    2: Going into next week, end of month window dressing for most mutual funds and end of Fiscal year for some Mutual Funds.
  6. know what M3 is running at buddy?
    of course not...they dont want you to know..

    Private estimates have it at 10% plus...

    Inflation is much worse than is reported...

    The price of almost everything is going up:
    food, energy, rent, health care, stocks!..

    Home prices down 2% nationwide? who cares...that's not deflationary...
  7. m3? he has no clue what m1 and 2 are. blue skies as far as he can see (20x200)
  8. What if oil is at $100.00 come fed day, that may cause some problems.

    The headline are all ready highlighting oil, this may give them some pause in cutting.

    My gosh what am I thinking.
  9. don't be so nervous - buy gold, CAD and AUD and don't care what Fed does
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