oil new low

Discussion in 'Trading' started by niceneasy, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. i guarantee we will hear of more funds imploding on this move...could see some panic selling...
  2. Jonathan


    Everybody wave goodbye to oil!

    Bye bye oil! :D
  3. bye bye oil.....


    take oil down so market cant go down!
  4. i wonder if ù surfeùr is still short.
  5. t boone must be hating this
  6. Surdo


    $55 looks like the next stop on the Jan Crude train!
  7. ORM


    Those who believed the scam some of the bigger brokerages made on oil is getting hurt now. I wonder how some hedge funds are doing with this. It became almost like the internet hype.

  8. Jonathan


    Everyone wave goodbye to oil AGAIN today. Anyone wanna make bets that it goes below $55 and hits $45? LOL! Silly OPEC, tricks are for kids.
  9. on a 5 yr (i realize a lot of people cannot see outside their daytrader time frame weekly chart, oil is about on a trendline right now.

    im not saying it can;'t go lower (lord knows it can), but at this point, it qualifies as a pullback, not some sort of oil doom and gloom sellfest
  10. Interesting how Crude Oil and OIH ETF are not very correlated. Now, OIH is on a recovery slope on the weekly while crude oil is at new lows for the year. Any comments?
    #10     Nov 17, 2006