Oil near $115.00

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  1. How can this not throw the world into a recession. Oh because the central banks are meddling in the markets.

    So $120.00 here we come something has to give. I saty we need a severe recession to knock our most used commodities down.
  2. This is going to hurt. But as long as cloths prices don't rise everyone should be happy.
  3. Well you can buy edible underpants.

    Now someone needs to develop a car that runs on cheap pants.
  4. Oil imports down 1M b/d versus last year in the US. Gasoline prices rock bottom (relative to what they should be if 'supply' were an issue). Airlines going bankrupt because they can't effectively pass costs onto customers.
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    I personally don't think I am crazy, but many will judge anyway correct or not correct I feel that Crude Oil will retrace to 80 and the extreme would be 50, i have the setup for it, but not quite the GO FOR IT yet, we are overbought...
  6. is it not true Qm relecting deflated dollar?

    so that means, only we get screwed but not the world?
  7. Once again, you show just how utterly stupid you are.
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    I am going to buy a bike.

    F*** dat
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    Super powers ran the economy for long enough. It is time for us to let developing nations get their piece of the pie. This will filter the weak links in the market, and generate the best product for the consumer at the best rate available. If you can't handle the competition, then get out of the market.

    Airline industry is pathetic here in the states. We need to allow international airlines to compete in our local market. It will create jobs, and provide a much better product.

    Oil will keep rising, and there is nothing that we could do about it. The BRIC nations are moving at faster pace than ever, and they are tired of riding bikes.

    What’s the point of my babbling on? There is no point.

    I just wanted to you to look at it in a different manor.
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    don't be stupid
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