Oil market intervention required....

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  1. One thing that is not being discussed on the threads, business channels and such are the price supports that these impoverished countries are using to make the price of fuel, gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil affordable to their masses.

    While the discussions have and continue to be pro-higher prices with no retracement in sight, whether based on supply / demand considerations or otherwise, the reality is that the BRIC countries and the others are vastly poorer for their average citizens than Americans and as such, their demand components have to have government sponsored price supports.

    This has the impact of spending down their treasuries while they continue to absord (or if you can believe all the oil traders) all the available oil at current prices and higher, then someone's treasury accounts are being short squeezed, and the challenge then is who can hold their breathe the longest?

    1) the average middle class business / middle class citizens of America


    2) the impoverished hundreds of millions of citizens of the BRIC countries and their collective country's treasury accounts (oh, Brazil, Russia, India, China)?

    IOW (in other words) can all those impoverished and newly wealthy people really be affording these prices too?, without some artificial price supports being used by their countries?

    IOW (the discussion of fiscal responsibility) once this is brought to the fore, then the issue of the ability to continue to support affordable prices will bring its own market regulation to bare upon those citizens too, just like it is doing within the US.

    whether or not its either 1 or 2 or both, the short squeeze is on, and needs to be addressed as part of the component of price supports, whether due to:

    A) non public disclosure (due to state secrets or otherwise) of the negative effect upon their treasuries

    B) running the risk that their citizens will revolt if denyied their presummed right to gasoline and fuel products for work, leisure or otherwise

    C) political instabilities due to being short squeezed

    D) running the risk that gasoline at $0.78 equivalent price per liter in China (just used as an example) verses the so called average 25,000 average new drivers each and every day creating the demand quotient


    letting prices rise to the same dramatic extent as they have in the US, in other BRIC countries and thus using pricing regulation to limit the demand or availability or price availability to their average citizens......

    either way this essential component has not been brought to the fore and is part and parcel of this price speculation in the absense of any other facts in evidence to counter these assumptions / presumptions that are being used to artificially support these high prices and to speculate that

    oil will only continue to rise above $150 and higer bbl/US before end of 2008.....


  2. Get long
  3. not sure you understood what was being stated...

    so, perhaps in the short term, then your advise may be proved correct, however...
  4. Me no undurstand