Oil Manipulation

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  1. Anyone notice, dollar value increases gold decreases substantially, oil increases... helllllllllo!!!
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    of course its being manipulated...
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    If the fed is smart they will keep rates unchanged next week, this could give a little bounce to the dollar and a drop in oil prices, however a drop in rates will just bring more bulls into commodities as they hedge against the falling dollar.
  4. I am with you on that. I think we are at a tipping point as the big money decides whether to take profits at these levels or not. Essentially, there hasn't been any real profit taking for weeks. Ultimately, oil will undoubtely continue to rise, however, a big short-term pullback is in order.
  5. Buying and selling a futures contract is manipulation?
  6. The word you're looking for is "speculation" not manipulation.
  7. For S2007S everything is one great big CONSPIRACY!

  8. Landis you are going on ignore...You add nothing to ET but page views.

    You are right though, it's not a conspiracy. Wall Street is a liquidity pool to transfer wealth. For it to be a conspiracy it would need to be secret...right?

    The market is only a random walk to those on the wrong side of the equation.

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    did you know that oil is priced in dollars?:eek:
  10. Thanks so much for your insight.
    At least now I have something in common with the ET "Cut & Paste King" . . .S2007S!!!

    Guess you didn't catch my OIH thread the other day . . . Or some of my posts in the Hardware, Retail Broker, or TA forums.

    Please let us all know how your letter writing campaign to your Congressmen since last August has fared . . .


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