Oil Just Made Intermediate term Top at 124.61

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Port1385, May 9, 2008.

Did oil top?

  1. Yes its topped

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  2. No it hasnt topped

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  1. Guaranteed that oil topped yesterday, and will not see that level for many, many years. I'm heavily short, and I know that oil will be negative this year. The current s&p price is 124.00 (SPOT)

    Look out below!
  2. LT701



    still going up

    if this isnt hyperinflation

    what is?
  3. LT, I fear the "H" word myself.
  4. 3% CPI is hyperinflation?
  5. LT701


    to say we have 3% inflation annually, is to be 100% out of touch with reality

    we are rising at a rate of about 200% annually with oil and gas

    and if you think that doesnt ripple through the economy, you're nuts
  6. Dude, it's called sarcasm.
  7. LT701


    sorry, the whole thing kind of has me flipped out

    people on here can beat their chests about how 'this doesnt affect me, i can trade anything', but there's no getting around, this is really, really bad for this country