Oil is surging ..15% rally from lows

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. UP again..wow you can't stop it . Up 15% in just 24 hours of trading.

    Oil 39.32 1.61 4.27

    Oil to $200..within two years

    the demand is huge, and with middle east tensions the supply is being threatened. Obama isn't going to pull out of Iraq, but will instead put more troops in Afghanistan and continue the neocon war on terror, which has been so bullish for commodities.

    Buy USO and OIL etf
  2. This post proves you're not to be taken seriously. All you're trying to do is stir the pot and get flames going.

    You're a forum troll and a moron if ever there was one.
  3. Plz stop crapping on my threads with your negativity.

    Oil 39.70 1.99 5.28

    up 2 bucks already..wow

    we need to increase military presence in Iraq & Afghanistan and bailout GM and more stimulus. Terrorism must be stopped and Iraqis can't run their own government without our help.
  4. It's not about negativity. You make stupid ass comments about how we should increase military presence - and how Obama will do so in Iraq. All for what...so you can drive up the price of oil and hope it does so for equities?

    You're wrong in 99% of everything you post, and this will be no different.

    Incidently, I DO own USO, but not because of any of your stupid commentary about oil.
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    for once, i think stocktrad3r might be on to something. this may be the pullback we've all been waiting for in oil. i dont want to pick bottoms, but i now have a neutral outlook on oil for the next few days.
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  7. Historically when oil is cheap it isn't that way for long.
  8. Please define cheap.
  9. lol love this guy now
  10. We've had bigger moves than this in 20 minutes.

    As if Israel/Palestine have ANY crude supply.
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