Oil is going to cause a World Depression

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  1. Just watch.

    The U.S. is finished. The dollar is as worthless as a roll of toilet paper.
  2. Adjusted for inflation oil is still below its all time high which I believe is slightly over $100 USD in todays dollars. The US can also pay off its debt with cheap US dollars.
  3. What exactly does this 'adjusted for inflation' mean? You'd have to be a complete rube to believe inflation is as mild as the government reports.

    As another poster here intimated, inflation is under control as long as you don't drive, heat your house, eat food, or go to college etc.
  4. the US itself is becoming a third world country. mb
  5. You'd think that at some point there would be riotous demonstrations. After all, the Gummint and Fed ARE bankrupting us.
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    Unfortunately, this is not far from the truth. Go to Atlanta and see for yourself.

  7. I hope everybody understands where all of this is coming from...

    LYING, THIEVING Federal politicians and Fed.

    Deficit spending by US Gummint.

    Money-pump inflation by the Fed.

    The US has ABUSED the $USD's status as world reserve currency and has SCREWED EVERYBODY.

    The world is starting to say, "no mas, no mas". And unless the US alters fiscal and monetary policies, we are economically doomed to seeing hyper-inflation and our currency destroyed.
  8. Not the US as a nation, but one private organisation within the US, called the FED. And they are not screwing everybody, only those not in control of the 5 big banks. Follow the money, it's all planned.
  9. Yes and no. Part of the problem is the US Gummint's deficit spending...

    SCREWING EVERYBODY via reducing the buying power through inflation and currency debasement. This applies to all holders of US debt, both foreign and domestic, + all whose assets are held in $USD... that means all Americans as well.

    That's pert near everybody.

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