Oil is a third bubble

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Smart Money, May 23, 2008.

  1. Nasdaq crashed about the time some evil men did a evil thing to innocent people. Business and mainstreet froze, and many speculators lost a fortune.

    The goverment responded by lowering interest rates and real estate took off. The real estate frenzy was good for the economy, put prices went high, areas were overbuilt. Main street started to baulk at the higher prices, ending the party and many, many speculators lost a fortun.

    The government responded by again lowering interest rates as the dollar continued to erode. This sparked inflation in all ways but the way that the U.S. government tracks inflation because China pegged their currency to ours. Commodities and real estate are the traditional refuge in inflationary times and with the fresh sting from real estate, commodities rose fast. Main street began to baulk at the price of commodities and changed their habits. Prediction: many speculators will lose a fortune.

    No effin' way that I'd bet on oil going higher right now. Pricing is irrationally exhuberant.

    Edit: Forgot to say: First one to sell wins. Everyone else is selling in a falling tide.

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    same shit happened in 2001-2003 with tech shit, like with intel and amd, shit was crazy prices
  3. The tech stuff is what SM meant by Nasdaq.
  4. Marc Faber's theory applied to oil and commodities. Interesting.