Oil gonna crash today?

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  1. gapped up much higher and selling off like a mofo

    the saudis keep saying they will up production and then everyone says oil too high

    could end day down 4 dollars barrel
  2. S2007S


    Or it can end above $140 and keep running to the $200 level that everyone is predicting.


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  4. stupid arabs keep producing more oil at an increasing rate

    I wish they would cut back to send oil up $10 in a day so that my stocks will go up. Rising oil is great for commodity stocks, energy stocks, materials, oil services, google, rimm, aapl, visa, and mastercard.

    Falling oil is good for financials, homebuilders, transports, consumer stocks which i want nothing to do with.
  5. Looks like crude is going to hang around $137 today. I don't see a selloff with the dollar weakening.
  6. some mofo just dumped now

    fell 1% in a 10 second interval

    The problem is with the arabs producing too much. The dollar needs to weaken, but the arabs aren't helping by ramping up production.
  7. Dumped right when the EUR/USD hit 1.55
  8. I'm crossing my fingers that a storm destroys a few rigs. the more the better.
  9. Falling off a cliff---exactly as I predicted

    even when I am bearish I get it right
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