Oil Futures (QM) for October??

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by OptionsWizard, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Does anybody know why there is no trading on OCT QM?
    SEP QM expires this Friday and normally people start to roll over their position in the last week before expiration.

    IB told me they checked with NYMEX and the OCT QM only starts on Friday...supposedly this has to do with the QM migration from Globex to Nymex...

    Any idea what's going on??
  2. i noticed that too. i'm looking to get real short and obviously i need time so i' need the oct's theats the problem with the emin qm's. they only go out 2 strike prices which is bs as onbe might want to hold for months. i guess you can roll them
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    I am not too happy trading the U's this close.
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    By the way where I can see the oil future options (min 3 moths)?

  5. nymex told me to wait till they change from globex. i've no desire to trade sept. so just have to wait.:D