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  1. Hey guys,

    I am posting this thread in hope of gathering all the oil/energy traders together for discussing this particular industry. Hopefully, we will all benefit from the information, news, techniques, predictions, and ideas being thrown around in this thread.

    With that being said, let me introduce myself. I am a beginner scalp trader who's about to get on the live system to do some live trading. I've heard that it would be wise for beginners to learn from lower volume stocks between 200,000 - 1,000,000 daily volume, and between the price range of 25-35 range, because it would be easier to read and decipher the time and sale screen because it's slower moving and has less big seller and buyers coming in and out of the market. However, these stocks dont really move too much, most of the time their charts are just a flat line so I end up sitting there and not even learning that much... although i did pick up on a few things one time.... for example, i noticed that everytime a seller would offer 5,000 shares of stocks, and once this shows up on the screen, the buyers will come in and chip away the stocks, and then another 5,000 shares would be offered, and the process repeats for a really long time... I basically just waited until this wall was breached and bid or sell based on which direction the stock is going once this barrier is no longer there. But again, most of the time there isn't much patterns to learn from and not much action at all.

    Would the oil/energy stocks be a good place for a beginner? I know this sector tend to be more volatile since it gets affected by news a lot, not to mention how much volume and movement it has constantly. However, i'd like to hear what you guys feel about this and what advice you could provide.

    Just a couple of days ago, I read a great post by Maverick about double prints, and immediately the next day (wednesday) I was on the simulation at work looking at some energy stocks like CVX, HAL, XOM, and when i was following CVX i noticed a lot of double pritns happening... 1000 shares, 1400 shares, 700 shares, in a very short timespan. As soon as i see this, i bough t a hundred shares, then another hundred shares, and another, and waited till the right opportunity, and i actually exited right when the stock tanked again-- racking in 62 dollars from that 300shares. =) After that little episode, i am even more excited about this sector, which is why i am writing this post hoping to get more input from fellow traders.

    Right now i have a chart following $OSX , is this a good indication for how the oil/energy sector is going as a whole, or is it better to use NYEID?

    Also, I would certainly love to hear which companies you guys like to trade within this sector... So far the ones i occasionaly look at are HAL, CVX (this one i hear is the easier one), XOM..... how's SLB, OXY? i hear they are tougher, or how about RIG, OXY? Can someone recommend a few good one a beginner could try out?

    And if anyone could describe a good way of trading this sector, whether it be techniques, personality of a stock you've noticed, or good web pages for news on this sector, etc. I would really appreciate it.

    Let's try to keep this thread going guys.
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    I too am a beginning trader. I probabaly should have started paper trading but chose the baptism by fire method. I spend most of my time in the energy sector and have tried to focus on OIH as it is a basket of the oil services stocks. I try to time entry and exit based on the performance of 1. the energy sector 2. the services sub sector and 3. VLO because it just seems to lead OIH slightly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wednesday's I trade COP when the crude,disillate numbers come out at 1030am and I trade CHK on thursday's when the natty gas numbers come out. Your welcome to join the party:)
  4. perhaps you newbies should see what the correlation between the oil sector is and the price of oil intraday or weekly ... if there is a high one
    then it would make sense to know what the oil
    price is doing daily ...
  5. Everybody and their brother (fools) is now trying to trade oil/oil stocks. The time to have done that was 1-2 years ago. Look at the charts. Top chart is current oil stocks on 15 min chart. Bottom chart is same stocks 2 years ago. A LOT easier! And the spreads were narrower too. This pretty much goes for the housing sector as well. When every Tom, Dick and Harry show up at the party...it's time to leave.
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  6. Probably the game could continue for a couple months more as fund dress up their winners.

    For the most part, I have to agree with you. What would be the hot sector for the next year? That would be the $64000 question.
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    Thanks for the input. Would you have any suggestions for a better sector or stock to focus on?
  8. Housing. Perfect for you folks. Philly Housing Sector HGX.

  9. Oil? Watch the weather channel.

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    I'm still making money trading this sector so what is your point? Just because your not making money does'nt mean you should discourage others from trading this sector.

    I guess your just another bitter LOSER....thanks for the money:p
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