oil drops below 50

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dtrader98, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. looks like ppt and pals at work.
    Wouldn't be surprised to see a big turnaround, except for OE tommorrow.

    So used to those late day saves from last year. Fed says something negative...
    market drops... market soars at OED on huge vol... rinse repeat

    Anyone think the spin cycle is actually done yet?
  2. S2007S


    where is the next support?
  3. doli


    Next support maybe $45.
    In the fall of '04 it would peak
    there, then fall back.
  4. Oil crashing is good for the market. and airlines. recommend AMR and
  5. dac8555


    riiiiggghhht. the nasdaq was holding up great today while oil dropped.
  6. with the exception of POSSIBLE rate hikes there has been nothign but good news IMHO