Oil Drillers...?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Qckrun, Aug 18, 2007.

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    With the upcoming hurricane headed towards the gulf, will Drillers be hurt by it, meaning stock goes down or will it go up?

    Also how will oil/gas companies far, will Exxon and Chervon go up or down? I am not to familar with how the stocks of specific companies fair when a Hurricane hits, I just know gas goes up with a hurricane.
  2. generally supportive to the integrated but it all has to do with where it hits.....

    some majors have sold their shelf production to smaller independent cos.

    if Dean hits a refining area like Texas city or Pascagola, refiners in non affected areas win....

    if Dean plows str8 thru Texas/Louisiana production corridor, the Arabs win

  3. So far no driller has been hurt. Why this what iffing question ?
  4. Qckrun


    I'm just wondering how HERO is going to do with this up coming storm.
  5. It's already in the cards.

    But.............any "news" will make for a great alibi for the specialists/market makers to gap down en masse. Hence moving away from their basis(s).
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