Oil Down $4 on Gustav News

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by cstfx, Sep 1, 2008.

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  2. So... is fresh crap preferable to canned crap?
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    Anything is better than Suze Orman, Donny Deutch, and Deal or No Deal!
  4. Oil down to 111 after a major hurricane passed through the Gulf of Mexico, combined with the big up day (5 to 6 bucks) and then totally reversal last week or the week before (i cannot remember), has got to be a pretty omnious sign for any of the energy bulls. Maybe in hindsight everyone can look at the rising price of oil and say it was just a trade with a major trend. Sure, the growth in China and India pushed demand, but the way the price acts, it looks like a blowoff top to 145 for this past quarter century. Not that I think it'll be below 80, maybe ever, but oil pa is terrible. Will be interesting to see if there is much support at 110, which it seems it what level many of the bulls have been talking about lately.

    I thought we'd get at least a 5 to 6 point move, although I have no position. So this is pretty interesting to say the least. Looks like 100 should be in the cards relatively soon, imo.
  5. 110 support? Probably as effective as 140,30, and 20.

    Real support is created by commercial hedgers buying out of legitimate fear of rising prices, not round numbers.
  6. Y I have no clue honestly, but 110 has been the level mentioned for weeks by a lot of traders so that was the only reason I said that. But seems highly possible that we can break through that tomorrow.
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    I think we are due for a dead cat bounce on Tues and Weds. This drop was a little exaggerated on thin volume. I'm looking for $2-3 from here, then out.
  8. With the price action around the hurricane I expect that the commercials are already fully hedged.
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