Oil depot explosion in London.

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  1. I live in England and the news of todays oil depot explosion is massive,has it impacted the news in the U.S. in a big way?

    Is it big enough to impact the price of oil when it opens?
  2. Will definitely drive prices higher at the open. I would imagine a full handle at least.
  3. what caused the explosion --- any news yet?

    AQ has been "chattering" about oil targets for several months now and they know not to bite the hands that feed them {blowing up shit in their own backyard that is}.

    hmmm --- small aircraft overflies prior to the explosion ---

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    "Police said only two of the wounded suffered serious injuries. More explosions were expected for several hours at the depot, which stores 4 million gallons of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and aviation fuel."

    4 million gallons is only 100,000 barrels of oil. If it is true that this is accident as authorities say it should have no effect on price of crude as supplies lost are meaningless in world scheme.
  5. true --- but the cause of the explosion needs to be cleared up -- that is the important part.
  6. what is your source ? CIA ? US Intelligence ?
    you still believe that BS ?
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    Why did AQ bomb a Jordanian wedding then? Why are they killing Shia muslims?


  8. The police have ruled out AQ.
  9. "The police have ruled out AQ."

    How can they rule out terrorism so early,they could not have come close to the seat of the fire yet.
  10. Ask them...
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