Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :> :> :> ;) ;) :d :d :d

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHat a beauuftiful fuking day!!! :D :D:D

    How many 100s - 1000ticks everyone else made from it???!!! :D :D
  2. I always pick the best days to be from my trading desk. Not!

    Is crude still up $25?? How much are the back months moving?
  3. jazzsax


    back months aren't moving much, only up $6 or so,
  4. Why did October shoot up so high?
  5. I've been trying to think of different premises:
    1. short squeeze on expiration day
    2. rush to take actually delivery, but seller strike
    3. inflation fears causing airlines, etc to stockpile
  6. I played it very very safe cos have such a small account, and don't have access to the october contract, only november...

    But i still made 899 ticks so far from it by selling, and cant wait to get back in for some more selling!! :D :p :D

    October rocketed up from 104 to nearly 30, it was mad, but i just used that to trade the novermber as it was so sooo beautiful as it was just a mirroring indicator, but 10 - 15secs later, so i had time to see what october did and then trade it on nov!
    :D :D

    And it rocketed so high because of the pure ''steam roll'' effect.

    The economy is crap, way way way worse now then it was back when we were in the 90s...,
    but the fed just given a load o stupid false hope by printing a pile of cash!! LOL

    SO now we just gna get hyper inflation, so the dollar will be worth nothing, and you will need millions of dollar notes to just buy 1 barrel of oil!! :D :D :p :D :D

    On the oct contract everyone knew that we had to close it out today, and so all the longs from the last few days ahd to be closed out, but no-one wanted to be the 1st one, everyone wanted to be last to.. lol

    So as more and more buying happened, the vertical line rose n rose and rocketed, and it wa sjust free money so everyone piled and piled on the stream roller, and just waited till the last few minutes to bail out and cash in.
  7. Biggest one day increase...ever. Nah, it was never about speculation! :)

    This will be the next market that gets regulated/overhauled/monitored/adjusted by our French government.
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    That was a wild move!
  9. Maybe it will become a true French government, and they'll just raise the white flag and let markets go back to trading on their own? :confused:
  10. Proof in the pudding if needed that the oil market is only a big casino like the rest .
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