Oil companies just bought themselves a world of regulation

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    fact is, they could have moderated this, but they didnt

    they're going to pay

    people can give all the reasons why that will make things worse, but i really dont give a shit at this point, and no one else will either

    barrack yOmama can raise a commie flag above all of them, for all i care

    they're going to reap what they're sown, and it wont be pretty
  2. trapstar


    I agree make them pay!
    Screw free markets, my 8 cylinder SUV is costing me too much money to drive :eek:
  3. They sure will pay, with the money you put in your gas tank.

    Blame the idiot democrats whose only idea to solve the current situation is to file a suit against opec! Can you believe it they want to take them to court!

    Here is an idea...

    Allow drilling in anwar the gulf and other areas where there are proven reserves and make us less reliant on imports and increase the supply otherwise you are going to start seeing chinese rigs in the gulf of mexico.

    The media and democrats have people so brainwashed it's truly amazing.
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    Speaking of Mexico, when Bush was talking to the Saudis about pumping more, Mexico reduced production!! They side with OPEC, which they are a member of, and they export their poverty to the US. They win the attitude award for sure...

    The US has more oil in Alaska than the Saudis ever had btw.. it's all smoke and mirrors folks and it's not even about money anymore, it's about power..

    I sort of agree that reregulation should be the political watchword for a few years... lenders, banks, oil speculators, etc.... it's a little crazy out there folks, not that I'm not enjoying it all but still, the little guy is getting trampled by people in hobnail boots.......
  5. LT701


    for those who say i dont understand free markets, i do

    but when oil companies cant get tech labor 'for the price they think they ought to pay', they cry to the government for more h-1bs. it's'not fair' that the citizen made 'so much'. lower salaries are 'in everyone's best interest', said the born again colectivists

    all of a sudden, they forgot about market price. they built up india in the process, which now competes for the resources

    no, i'm not going to cry to the government.

    but when i hear ads from the energy lobby on conservative radio, 'urging us to contact our legislators' on their behalf, i'm just going to laugh, and say 'reap what you sow, c--ks----rs'

  6. it's funny the govt gave huge tax breaks for 'trucks' weighing over 6000 lbs. hmmmmm... then oil surges like never before in history. can you say 'sucker'? sure.. i knew u could!

    pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered.
  7. Chicago Gas Taxes Total Whopping 20%!

    Truth In Politics: Illinois Gas Prices And Taxes
    Mike Flannery CHICAGO (CBS) ¯ Tired of seeing the price at the pump jump every time you need to buy gasoline? Well, the record-high price of gasoline in the Chicago area is linked to a record-high rate of taxation: nearly 20 percent of the Chicago price.

    As CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports, tax refugees wait in long lines on Indianapolis Boulevard in Northwest Indiana. They jockey for position at a pump, lured by prices that are 20 cents a gallon or more cheaper than just a few blocks away back in Illinois.

    "It was $4.20. I can come over here and get it for $3.93," said Tikvah Wadley, one of the many fleeing Illinois taxes.

    Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin complained to oil company bosses at a hearing on Capitol Hill about Chicago having the highest gasoline prices in the United States. Largely ignored was the role taxes are playing -- an astounding 10 levels of taxation.

    "Does it trouble any of you when you see what you're doing to us?" Durbin asked..

    In the city, Motor Fuel Taxes originally for building roads currently go to the Feds, Illinois, Cook County and Chicago. The 9.25 percent sales tax is split among Illinois, Chicago and Cook County's share of the state sales tax; a county home rule tax; RTA transit tax and a Chicago home rule levy.

    The watchdog Civic Federation says that on a $4 gallon of gas, the total tax is 79.2 cents. That compares to 77 cents in Los Angeles and 65 cents in New York City.

    "Every time the price of gas goes up, the tax goes up with it," said one motorist.

    And that, of course, is exactly the point for the politicians. Gov. Blagojevich, for example, is counting on the high price of gasoline to bring at least an extra $220 million in the State Treasury in the fiscal year that begins this July. Most of that will be used to balance the way-out-of-balance budget.

    (© MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)


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  9. I think beer and starbux are too expensive. Why doesn't congress do something about it? Maybe raise the tax on them.

    Meanwhile, bottled water is more expensive than gasoline.

    The reason for our energy problem was on display in that congressional hearing room, but it wasn't the oil men. It was the people grilling them.

    What have they done or propose to do to "solve" the energy crisis? Raise taxes on oil companies. What's next, price controls and rationing?

  10. what do you fake conservatives not get about artificial scarcity? they told us they were going to do this 5 yrs ago... oh.. but that was conspiracy theory.

    the govt does everything they can to suppress supply, including killing anyone that gets in the way.

    it's exactly like the diamond scam... oh.. but wait thats a conspiracy theory.

    yes.. keep telling yourself that we are running out of oil.... and there are no alternatives. **yawn**
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