Oil back to $90

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  1. not a big deal
  2. Can someone ban this loser?
  3. Venezuela' Chavez can't be banned off the U.N. either.
  4. Has NOTHING to do with Chavez or supply/demand.

    The world is awash in crude.

    Hedge funds and paranoia add 20 to 30 bucks. When they turn tails, they do it en masse.
  5. I'm talking about banning people with controversial opinions.

    Be it Chavez at the UN meetings or stocktrad3r at ET.
  6. $92 oil an the 10 year yielding 4.4%

    what a fiasco
  7. Oil will only go higher tomorrow, everyone is scared over the Iran situtation.
  8. dont worry, inflation is running at only 2%
  9. Wanting to believe it doesn't make it so. Actual crude oil deliveries have been flat for the last 3 years as prices have doubled. If the world were awash in crude, don't you think someone would want to sell more of it at those prices? They've got it, why aren't they selling it?

    Explain to me how paranoia can add 20 or 30 bucks to the price of a physically settled commodity. This isn't some CDO being punted back and forth by quants and their computer programs, this is the most traded commodity in the world. Close to a billion dollars of oil is sold every day.

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