Oil and Gold should plummet

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by gugaplex, Mar 21, 2006.

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    soon. May have one last spike. Too many people are talking about how it can go no where but up....
  2. cute
  3. as i said in other post


    it's a bull market

    buy pullbacks

    entered this morning april contract in 548's and 549

    pared out 551-554

    pullbacks are a gift
  4. such as... this morning

    that drop to 548 was a GIFT

    easy pop over 550 to 554 or so
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    whitster, how about oil?
  6. i don't know enuf about oil to have an opinion.

    i've traded it intraday on pure technicals, but other than that...

    i do like some of the stocks like CWPC (been in it for several months), and BCON that play off of oil scarcity and new technology.

    i also hold BR in my IRA and like it's steady performance
  7. I have been long CWPC since $2 , what aride ! What bothers me is I know nothing about that stock, it's OTCC BB, there is no info on it. It's the trader-report.com which got me in on pure technical reasons I understand but I feel like it could go much higher . Not sure what to do especially with oil possibly going down, as well as the market.

    Do you have any fundamental info on Canwest Petroleum?
  8. not really. i bot it on a combo of speculation and chart dynamics, plus , as a "story" stock

    i find these do quite well. pretty much the same things that got me into NVAX

    i've culled a little from some of the online sources, but nothing that really makes me feel like i have a good grasp of its fundies

    not to mention that these soviet canuckistan stocks r tricky :)
  9. What ever happened to the much feared Iran Oil Bourse, or did GW have to make concessions on the nuke issue to keep the Bourse from causing Euro/Dollar unpleasantries.....

    hmmm..funny how things disappear...................
  10. I was asking myself the same thing.
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