Oil and Energy

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  1. Does anyone know how much energy is contained in a kilogram of gasoline? How about ethanol, Butane, etc? Does anyone know know if there is a general formula given the type of carbon chain?
  2. Ok, I found it.

    Energy density of gasoline:
    12.7 kWh/kg or 8.76 kWh/liter

    Zittel, Werner & Reinhold Wurster (Ludwig-Blkow-Systemtechnik). Hydrogen in the Energy Sector. Chapter 2: Physical Properties. HyWeb.
  3. 29,889 BTU/l of gasoline

    22,217 BTU/l of ethanol - however, ethanol burns more efficiently and is considered (when comparing to gasoline) to have a "replacement" coefficient of 26,575 BTU/l - there's also a 3,720 BTU/l of energy represented by co-product displacement

    35,109 BTU/l of soy-based biodiesel