Oil 150

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  1. This work links uranium processing, high explosives tests and designs for a missile warhead, the Vienna-based UN nuclear watchdog said Friday, Feb. 22, in a report on which a decision on a third round of UN Security Council sanctions depends.

    “Iran had shown new openness” about earlier nuclear advances, said the report, “but not enough to prove its program is not geared to making bombs.”

    The report also confirmed Iran was testing technology that “could give it the means to enrich uranium much faster - in further defiance of demands to halt all sensitive nuclear activity or be hit with wider U.N. sanctions.


    Oils reach to touch and keep near 100 is a signal beyond that of "supply and Demand".

    Keep an eye out, IRAN could be bombed, not invaded, but bombed beyond belief around spring time.

    All time wheat prices (going to run food costs higher than ever before in the history of the US), Oil around 08-100 and going higher, ......WHAT RECESSION?

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    an interesting and conceivable thought.