Oil 101: Supply factors

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    Top of the morning/afternoon/evening to all,

    First post and a "newbie" but whats really fascinated me recently has been the high rise of oil peaking in July but more recently having come down again then shooting in an upward trend w/Russia's attacks and the Tropical storm heading towards the Gulf of Mexico.

    Not just in reference to the last few months but also the general seemingly exponential rise seen in the last few years (2005-present).

    I've read a number of articles and gone through a few threads and I'm still engrossed with the supply factors of oil, the more prominent ones to say the least.

    Would I be correct in suggesting that Natural disasters and Geopolitical issues are up there? Just hoping for some intellectual advice from astute posters such as yourself in regards to the main factors in supply of oil with relevant links that will allow me to further my understanding in this area of oil.

    I know it is a very elementary post and posters won't even bother but just another keen beginner here and any response is worth gold! =)