OIH and Drillers

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  1. Natty gas is surging 30 cents today in the January contract and putting a fire under the land drillers with a +$5.10 move in Crude creating a surge in DO and RIG.

    A great sector to TRADE!
  2. Does the tail wag the dog, or vice versa??
    Do you find the stocks follow the futures, or otherway around??

    Same question for the miners/metals...

    I've heard no correlation, and both sides of the argument...
  3. S2007S


    Bought DUG today...

    :D :D :D :D :D
  4. Natty +.337 now to 6.84

    PTEN is screaming higher.
    Zero debt.
    +5% div.
  5. DUG getting crushed.
  6. S2007S


    I know, Im in around $35.25.

    Thursday traded as high as $50.

    Think its back to $38.
  7. If the short-term trend has changed in the energy complex, it won't matter where it traded last Thursday . . . those prices won't be seen for awhile. Where is your stop loss at?

    Crude +4.52
    Natty +.33
  8. dsq


    off shore drillers even better

    nov + 4$

    hero up 30% at 4 30 was 39 in june...
  9. Now trading at $32.50

  10. S2007S



    im worried...

    Im in around 35.25-35.50.


    Ill remind you when I sell my shares above $40++++

    I do not have a stop order in by the way and will average down like I did last time around $25-$30.

    Last time it payed off as you know it did jump to $50+

    Last week I purchased DUG at $38 and sold it at $44.00 in my IRA, not many shares but enough to make a few hundred in about 2 days.
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