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  1. NIRAJ


    hi all,,,
    i am new to this forum...

    my quarry is --- how OI is computed for Option Products
    at product level and
    at U/L Asset level

    actually OI is Net Buy or Net Sell quantity in the market for particular product but as in Options buying Call option means person is long in the product and buying Put option means person is short in the product...
  2. tomk96


    open interest is the number of outstanding option contracts. you see it per option based on the previous day's close.
  3. two parties involved per trade. if both are opening new positions, new contracts are created, open interest goes up. should one party be closing an existing position while the other party is opening a new position, existing contracts are just changing hands, open interest remains unchanged. open interest goes down when both parties are closing their positions. any time you buy an option you are long, buying puts is still a long position. i believe you're confusing negative delta with being short.