Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida reject ObamaRail

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Feb 16, 2011.

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    I'm not sure what happens next. I suppose the feds could cut all transportation money to these states so this is not without consequence. The money will simply be handed to desperate depraved liberal states like California, New York and Illinois who will simply use the funds to prop up their failing state budgets.

    I don't see how you can have a national high-speed rail system that bypasses Ohio.

    Three Republican Governors versus President Obama for now..

    These governors are inspiring alot of hope. Its great to see somebody stand up to our own homegrown dictator. The poor president still doesn't seem to understand the extent to which he pissed-off middle America with Obamacare. Its at the root of everything.
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    I don't want Obamacare. It is designed to tax working people to pay for a system that will pull their health care down and pull up the healthcare in the black ghetto until they are on a par. That will keep the Blacks voting Democrat for another generation at least..

    These all powerful Democrats would be a footnote in history if they didn't have the Black vote in their hip pockets...
  3. I'm glad these governors have realized, "I'm from the government and here to help you" is a crock.

    The fed provides matching funds then voila, nothing to sustain these projects that require maintenance. Perhaps the states realize there is no free lunch.

    There seems to be a rework in NJ tunnel plan after Christie took a pass on the funds. Somewhere though, sumbudy is going to get screwed.
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    I read somewhere that although it is true that 90% of blacks voted for Obama there isn't actually that many blacks in America outside of a few cities, Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago etc and the black vote did not elect Mr. Obama. It was supposed to have been white middle-class voters who elected him and they have now swung away from the President, supposedly by 30% (a huge historical shift).
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    Yeah, I guess Christie's action also belongs in this category. You sure don't see any libs defending the rail plan but plenty of 'em are griping about the tunnel.

    I guess the tunnel is somewhat more inevitable than some pie-in-the-sky bullet train through sensitive everglade wildlife areas. Watch the environmentalists give Obama a pass to proceed.

    I'm betting the regime will "spread the costs around" by using general funds or national transportation funds to pay for the whole project. What does Obama care about who pays, let everyone pay!