Ohio Waitress at Top of CNBC Stock Picking Contest

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  1. Hope she wins it. She's smart staying out if the money is hers. Real smart. This is an obsession, unlike what the commercials tell Joe Public. Anything less is financial suicide.

    You guys w/ kids majoring in Archaelogy??? Get 'em to switch majors - quickly.
  2. How much prize $ does she get paid per year? Something like $30k for the next 20 years?
  3. It's CNBC. They figure she's a waitress. Probably 15% of that.
  4. i absolutely love this story.

    those twats at cnbc were obviously hoping for some professional and connected day trader whose uncle worked at goldman to come on there and give a winners speech about how involved his winning system was.

    now they are going to have this old girl from ohio who clearly picked all her stocks with no clue.

    this is the greatest advertisement for the market ever.

    all the so called professionals including the cnbc pundits are going to have to take a good look in the mirror and realise they aint that great after all.

    well done to this lady.

    i take my hat off to you.
  5. ha ha ha loved it

    Can that be considered a proof of efficient market theory?
  6. That could be a good way of looking at it!
  7. Its nice to see someone win who could actually really use the money.
  8. precisely.. at least it will be put to good use.!
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    If she wins, I bet she gets a boob job and a Corvette. That's really what all women want...
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